“To breathe is to live.” Breathing Secrets’ mission is to offer holistic, deep-rooted support for mental and physical health and contribute to every individual’s overall well-being.

Approximately 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. experience a diagnosable mental disorder each year. This statistic underscores the widespread nature of mental health issues, affecting millions of individuals across various demographics. Mental health disorders can range from depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Youth and young adults are particularly vulnerable, with the highest prevalence rates in individuals aged 18-25​ (Home)​​ (NIMH)​.

We work to improve mental health and well-being by teaching the lost art of correct breathing. Through our programs, we aim to restore this essential practice to enhance daily life, reduce stress, and promote overall health.


We are dedicated to reviving ancient practices, harmonizing them with contemporary lifestyles, and empowering individuals of all ages to cultivate a healthier and more balanced life.

Community and Wellbeing

Collaborating with our team of certified yoga and meditation instructors and health experts, we extend our services from individuals to health centers, elder care facilities, after-school programs, corporations, and more.


We honor and celebrate the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences of everyone in our community, including participants, instructors, and volunteers. We welcome learning and expanding our understanding through these varied perspectives.


Join us in our mission to bridge the wisdom of the past with the needs of the present, contributing to improving overall well-being through the transformative power of mindful breathing and living.

Breathing Secrets is working on developing a Mobile App, individual will have access to a diverse range of ancient breathing and meditation techniques, each tailored to address different aspects of mental health and well-being. Whether a person seeking stress relief, better sleep, or emotional balance, our guided meditations are here to support individuals on their journey.

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